RobYoung x Taylor Mosley

Excuse My Accent

Drei Ros x RobYoung x Sharlene


With drums that are made for an action sequence in your favorite movie and lyrics that would make any music lover rewind, Heathen is a hard pounding ode to spiritual duality and the quest for liberation.


A hard driving rally cry for human rights and shines a spotlight on the immigrant experience in America. A song that became a movement that is leading the charge in highlighting the multicultural experience with  

Interview with


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Drei Ros & RobYoung 

Perform at the Lady In Red Gala

w/ Multicultural International

Motion Picture Association

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Reaches 3 Million Views!

More than a song. It's a movement.

RobYoung & Drei Ros talk

w/ Your Voice Hip Hop Magazine

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GIGsoup interviews RobYoung & Drei Ros

GIGsoup Interviews RobYoung & Drei Ros 

about the movement and "Excuse My Accent" anthem





Born to a man who owned the largest African art museum in the West Coast covering Africans from the Diaspora, RobYoung, began penning rhymes at an early age. His father is a well known African beat drummer and revered poet in his hometown Tacoma Washington. Taking after his lineage as an artist, RobYoung is conscious rap marries commercial Hip Hop. A talented lyricist and songwriter, he has an exceptional ability to paint lyrical pictures and command attention with his energy. RobYoung has performed for audiences of up to 20,000 and has opened for Lupe Fiasco, Dip Set, Twista, Mistah F.A.B., Martin Luther, Fashawn, The Jacka and more. As an entrepreneur RobYoung is the co-founder Excuse My Accent. From music and documentaries to nonprofit initiatives, interviews and events, Excuse My Accent is a creative content hub committed to humanizing the multicultural experience through stories of empowerment and perseverance. We are a global collective of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and advocates inspired to transform the narrative of diverse communities to drive change. We believe in highlighting the similarities in our shared human experiences while empowering each other through the celebration of our unique cultural differences.

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